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Office 365 MVP, I am a development freak focusing on the Office 365 & SharePoint platform! I enjoy coding with client side technologies including AngularJS, SharePoint CSOM and the Office 365 API!

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A new challenge is ahead of me - Joining Valo

It's been a while since I posted here, but I am looking into getting back to blogging rapidly! In the meantime, a lot of great thing happened and I wanted to recap the last couple of months. 2toLead I had an amazing experience working with one of the most qualified team of SharePoint and Office 365 professionals in a very long time. When I joined 2toLead in July 2016, I was not expecting that much of awesomeness from the team.
- A new challenge is ahead of me - Joining Valo

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SharePoint Saturday Quebec 2016

What a great weekend we just had! It was the first edition of the SharePoint Saturday Quebec and we can conclude is was a real success! Even though this event is a fairly small one, I think attendees were delighted with the quality of the sessions and also with the logistics (venue, meals, etc.). Thanks to our local Samuel Lévesque from Quebec, we were able to host this event without any problems and we were able to give tons of
- SharePoint Saturday Quebec 2016

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Renewed as an Office Development MVP!

October 1st is always a special day... A very special and stressful day! When I was first awarded in 2014 on the SharePoint platform, it was a total surprise and I was so proud! Then, every year, I really want to be renewd but I am always stressed! This year was no exception. I had to do a crazy long road trip to get to Quebec for the SharePoint Saturday and I was expecting any scenario. Luckily enough, around 11
- Renewed as an Office Development MVP!

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Your OfficeDev sessions for Microsoft Ignite 2016

We can't wait! Today Microsoft Ignite is starting and we want to learn everything about the future of the Office & SharePoint Development. This article lists all the sessions I find interesting for any Office and/or SharePoint developer. I will update this article with the recording of the sessions when they become available. General Sessions Microsoft Ignite Keynote [Link] - This is absolutely not to be missed. We will learn everything that will be announced during this year's Ignite
- Your OfficeDev sessions for Microsoft Ignite 2016

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SharePoint Saturday Toronto 2016

Last month, on July 9th, I had the privilege to travel to Tonronto for the latest edition of SharePoint Saturday Toronto! It was also for me the chance to meet in person for the first time my new team at 2toLead! I gave a hands-on session on AngularJS and its integration with the Microsoft Graph. The session's abstract was the following : "Every developer hears about AngularJS and all the magic it does for you applications. In order to kickstart you
- SharePoint Saturday Toronto 2016

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