SharePoint Saturday Paris 2016

Last week, on May 28th, I had the pleasure to be in the iconic city of Paris for last SharePoint Saturday Paris! This event was absolutely wonderful! The venue was quite impressive with a stunning view on the Eiffel Tower from 40th floor of Montparnasse Tower, the organization was absolutely perfect, all managed by 2 very good friends of mine (Patrick Guimonet and Gokan Ozcifci) and finally we had the chance to have Jeff Teper with us for the closing keynote. How can that not be the best event event of the year in France? It was awesome!

The speaker dinner was also an highlight of my trip in Paris! We had the chance to cruise the Seine just before all the floods start! Views from the Eiffel Tower from the Seine are magical!

I did my now "classic" session on the integration of AngularJS and the Microsoft Graph and it was a packed room of developers that were there to collaborate with me during that session. Though I made couple of changes to this session recently and I did a live coding session. Always stressful but it was a lot of fun! Tip : Always prepare yourself and pray for the demo gods… You never know what is going to happen, especially when you are doing an entire session relying on Internet and the Cloud…

The abstract

(In French!) Tous les développeurs entendent parler d'AngularJs et de toute la magie que cette plateforme peur faire pour vos applications. Afin de démarrer votre aventure avec AngularJS, cette session est une introduction aux concepts AngularJS appliqués à tout développement Office365. Les différentes expériences d'Office365 seront traitées (Mail, Calendrier, Fichiers, etc.) et le Microsoft Graph sera notre principale source de données.

En tant que développeur, vous apprendrez les concepts de base d'AngularJS et serez en mesure de les appliquer dans un contexte Office 365. Vous serez alors en mesure de développer des applications riches (SPA ou Single Page Application) qui utilisent les données stockées dans votre tenant Office365!

The slides

The code

You can find the code of the provided OfficeHub AngularJS application on my Github available right here :

The photos

Closing note

Thanks everyone who attended my session! Thanks for the amazing questions you asked and for you passion around modern web development around the Office 365 platform! I really hope I will be able to come back next! À l'année prochaine, SharePoint Saturday Paris!