Free Webinar: Build your first Microsoft Teams App without a single line of code!

On August 20th at 1PM ET, I'll be hosted by my good friend Vlad Catrinescu, Microsoft MVP, for a webinar where you will learn how to build a Microsoft Teams app without a single line of code!


Microsoft Teams offer an amazing ecosystem for developers to build applications that deliver high value to your organization, but if you are not a developer, this could seem like a tough challenge.

In this webinar, join Microsoft MVP Sébastien Levert to learn how you can leverage native tools like the App Studio and use your existing investments to magically transform them into Microsoft Teams Apps! We will also look at how Microsoft Flow can deliver great content to your Teams channel to keep you up to date with all the signals that happen around you. By the end of this session, not only you will be able to use those apps for yourself, but you will also learn how to distribute them across your entire organization!

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to use the App Studio, they will get a basic knowledge of Microsoft Power Automate adaptive cards action to bring content into Microsoft Teams and they will also learn the apps governance around Microsoft Teams.


Register today, and if you cannot attend live, the recording will be sent to you within 48h of the live event!

See you over there!